Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bored Sunday...

(Rupa-rupanya aku pernah taip this post dulu but it ended aku tak published...tersave dlm draft...bingai seyy....so setelah berbulan-bulan baru aku sedar,so aku published jek la evnetho' dah basi......cheers....)

Hallooooohaa..... it's a bored Sunday afternoon I

woke up from my sleep. There's no special TV shows (as usual for a guy like me) at the moment I "see the world" on that particular day. Well, I've promised my dear Hazrinna to accompany her to her office- doing some filing jobs! Err, how can I say NO, right?? I received her call at around 12.15pm, and yet I'm still holding my "old skool" Skylark guitar playing some tunes.. Rushed to the bathroom to take shower, and prep myself as casual as I can be.. Casual ke? We reached her office around 13.00 that boring Sunday. Well, I've been required by Hazrinna to help her on "pink files" that I really don't know the contents of the files. All that I've to do was find the account number or the Acc.holders' names and passed it to her. She'll slot the "pink files" into a "Masterfile" etc...

I looked at my Guess watch on my left wrist. Damn... it's been 4 hours since we reached the office. No wonder my stomach started to grumble, and it's sound likes a number from Metallica's old skool "black album".. huhuhu.. Luckily, all the tasks almost finish, so we decided to take our so- called "lunch" at a Mamak Stall nearby- Bukhary.. We ordered the same menu- Nasi Goreng Kambing except for the drink. She had Sirap Limau (as usual) and I took Iced Nescafe.. Syukur Alhamdulillah.... Kenyang gila.... we sat there for almost an hour discussing many topics i.e; marriage, families etc..

We headed to CapsSquare- to watch "Confessions of a Shopaholic".. This movie was already on screen since I was away to Sudan the other day. I thought my Hazrinna would watched it with her colleagues when I was not here. It's ok for me if she want to do so because of I'm not really interested to this kind of movie. But we ended up in the cinema with 3 other persons. Cool right??

Basically, this movie is quite ok.. I can laughed to some scenes.. enjoyable!

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